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COVID Policy Winter 2023

Hello! Thanks for visiting us!


Our vision & aim is to provide you with quality and affordable healthcare in a safe environment. In doing so, we are very considerate, measured and diligent to any environmental and global health changes.


Whilst we appreciate that a majority of patients never want to think about things such as Covid again, we regularly review best practice policies to make sure we are offering vulnerable patients equitable care within our scope of practice.

Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinic

In order to limit even the simplest contagion being passed on, we will continue to:

  • make appointments and payments in advance to limit touch point frequency.

  • encourage mask wearing in the clinics for both patients and staff.

  • spot cleaning of contact areas during and after clinic times.

  • screened reception desk.

  • provide hand sanitizing stations.

  • digital paperwork to reduce contact contamination.

In addition, we provide Online Initial Consultations where we can assess your condition to get you seen physically more quickly and reduce time in the clinic.

Helping us: Please remember to book your next appointment before leaving the clinic

When you are unwell

Please report any contagious symptomology.

However, don’t assume that you will need to reschedule your appointment, simply call us and we can advise with the most appropriate management for your case. A late fee will not be applied in this case.

If you have any questions please call us 01382 220242 or

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