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about us: visiting our clinic

Dundee Chiropractic Clinic: Dr Jayne L Brassington working in office

about Dundee Chiropractic care

A Chiropractor is a registered professional trained to assess the spine and the spine is important for two key reasons:

  1.  It houses and protects the spinal cord and the nervous system.

  2.  You only have one spine for life and correct alignment of each of the vertebra may help protect the spine from unnecessary wear & degeneration.

our clinic's principles

  • A healthy spine is an important part of a healthy body as it ages.

  • Begin health care with a conservative approach before an invasive approach

  • The body is the great healer.

street view of front door of Dundee Chiropractic Clinic on a sunny day
interior view of office and chiropractic beds at Dundee Chiropractic Clinic; a sunny, open and welcoming room

your first visit at Dundee Chiropractic

For all new patients, your first visit with Dundee Chiropractic Clinic involves an Initial Consultation. This will take 45 minutes.

During this time you will have your history taken, you will be examined and if required, may have x-rays taken.

Once we understand where you are experiencing problems, we will arrange your second visit or if longer treatment is required, setup a schedule for regular visits.

This consultation is very important to ascertain the needs of each individual potential patient, and to ensure our patients receive the best Chiropractic care in Dundee. It is the clinical training of the practitioner that will determine the decisions thereafter.

Your initial consultation can be carried out at Edinburgh, Dundee or Glenrothes.


Please bring a form of ID to your first visit.

See our concession ID policy and insurance policy on our Fees Insurance page.


your second visit

If treatment was administered on your first visit, a follow-up of results will be done at this time. The chiropractor will measure your response to your first treatment and a treatment plan will be discussed with you. 

If you have radiographs taken, the result will be discussed and the chiropractor will determine the possibility of treatment accordingly.

Dundee Chiropractic Clinic: Dr Jayne Brassington discussing xray results with a male client
Chiropractor at Dundee Chiropractic Clinic giving client chiropractic care on shoulders while she lays on chiropractic bed

regular treatment

If the chiropractor and patient have established chiropractic treatment to be necessary, regular treatments are determined at a frequency that reflect the nature of the problem. This will be discussed on an individual basis.

We aim to create a caring, relaxed and educated environment where we can successfully empower our patients to be well and healthy.

We can look to refer to other healthcare providers if and where necessary.

Once you become a patient at Dundee Chiropractic Clinic, your file remains and in future, if other problems arise, we are more than able to help you accordingly.

Please ask about our more affordable options for payment or bulk pre-payment. See our standard prepayment / bulk rates on our Fees & Insurance page.

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